Cole Clark Guitar Timbers

Face Tone Woods

Bunya – is the most popular top on Cole Clark guitars. Eighty five percent of our customers choose Bunya. It is loud with extra clear bass response and balanced trebles. It is Eighteen percent stronger than Spruce and sustainable.

Sitka Spruce – this the traditional top timber as used by most manufacturer but is quieter than Bunya and more muffled with a smaller bass response than Bunya.

Tasmanian Blackwood – is a very close cousin to Koa and can vary from dark to light, from plain to wild in its figure. As a top timber, it is stiffer than other tone woods so has slightly less bass response but has complex harmonics in the top end similar to Koa. It is also a fabulous looking tone wood that you just want to hold and play. It is a sustainable timber.

Californian Redwood (Australian Grown) – it was planted one hundred years ago outside Melbourne Australia near a town called Ballarat. It is pink in colour and has a nice balance toned with a bit more brightness than Spruce.

Cedar – is quite a soft timber in comparison to other options. It has a rich full tone though not as loud as Bunya.

Huon Pine – from Tasmania is one of the oldest living things on the planet, and very rare. There are stands at over 10,000 years old. We have a very limited supply of Huon which is re-claimed from lakes flooded in the 70’s. The Huon we use is between 3500 and 4000 years old. It is a full rich sound with a slightly yellow look to it.

Back and Side Tone Woods

Queensland Maple – This is a very balanced neutral tone wood that many pro muso’s favour for guitars which are being plugged in. it can be compared in tone to Mahogany. Once again, it is a sustainable timber.

Tasmanian Blackwood – as a back and side tone wood has slightly more low mids than Queensland Maple. This is our most popular timber for back and sides and is sustainable.

Queensland Maple Silkwood – the tone sits in between Tasmanian Blackwood and Rosewood with good defined bottom end. This is a sustainable timber.

Rosewood – has the biggest bass response of all but can sound woolly and lack definition on a larger guitar when amplified.

Cooba – this is another Acacia similar to Blackwood in tone but with a tidier more defined grain.

Fingerboard and Bridge Timbers

Rosewood – this has a broad rich sound, very balanced.

Ebony – this is harder than Rosewood and is slightly scooped in the midrange.